our process

Sustainable, practical, timeless pieces that support wild-hearted play, further ethical production standards, and are healthy and toxin-free for our little ones and our planet. Always.  

We make every choice with our planet and our children in mind. 

We are driven to lead the way toward a more conscious future that values quality over quantity.

We take a minimalist, non-conforming stance by making our playsuits, rompers, and bloomers in larger sizes for practicality. All children should feel free to play and romp around (plus, look incredibly stylish). 

We mindfully design our pieces to be timeless, simple, sustainable, and luxuriously soft, so that each garment can be loved over and over and effortlessly passed between siblings.

We source only the finest, softest, and toxin-free fabrics and dyes.

Our commitment to the health of our children and the planet they’re inheriting from us is sewn into every piece we put out into this world. 

We take a stand against conventional farming practices that pollute our planet and our well-being. Each of our garments are made using thoughtfully-selected GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and dyes, giving parents the peace of mind that every fabric, button, and dye we use is clean and toxin-free.

Comfort and feel are a huge priority for us, so we always choose the softest fabrics we can find. To make our pieces even more luxuriously soft, many of our garments are carbon brushed (literally with a brush made of carbon metal, instead of being softened with harsh chemicals in a wash).

We partner with the most ethical factories around the world.

We’re very hands-on in every step of the production process and feel fortunate to have partners who feel more like family. 

Our woven, jersey, denim and knitwear is produced in Portugal, in factories that are both GOTS* and OEKO-TEX® certified. The GOTS supplier certification covers not only the fabrics that our garments are sewn with but guarantees the processing and manufacturing of textiles based on both environmental and social criteria. This means assessing everything from the chemical inputs being used to the ethical treatment of workers. The Simple Folk footwear, socks and tights are also manufactured in Portugal, where the factory prioritises sustainability at every turn.

Those who cut, sew, and dye our garments are true artisans who are honoured, respected, and empowered. They enjoy all of the perks associated with their esteemed profession, including ample breaks and private health care. The joy, energy, and love in the atmosphere are poured into each and every piece we make, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  

A couple of our specialist products are made outside of Portugal. We put a huge amount of time and care into selecting organisations that share our brand values. Our alpaca styles are all handmade in Bolivia by an amazing initiative that employs a local community of women. They work in partnership with the World Fair Trade Organization, and their products support small, family-owned alpaca ranches, transforming communities in the Bolivian Highlands. Our knitted “Kenana” toys are similarly made by an incredible community of women in Kenya. More can be found about this wonderful group here. We cherish these special collaborations, knowing they reflect what’s at the heart of The Simple Folk.

Every piece we craft holds the essence of our values and the love we infuse into everything we do. It’s a privilege to partner with artisans worldwide and share the beauty of ethical, sustainable fashion with you all.

*SIMÃO & OLGANDO SA, certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE SAS, license number 00272632, CHASCO JEANS LDA, certified by Ecocert Greenlife, license number 00283449 and COTTONANSWER, certified by Control Union Certifications, license number CB-GOTS-CUC-03-842780.

We're committed to making an impact through education and transparency.

We value our planet, our partners, and every wild-hearted child who wears our clothes. 

Small batch, artisan items made in an ethical and sustainable way come at a higher cost than traditional fast fashion. 

We believe we can come together as parents to vote with our choices and to prioritize the health and well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.