Why We Love GOTS Certification

As we embrace each new season here at The Simple Folk and introduce our new collections, we’ve got a whole new reason to celebrate all year long. Many of our organic pieces are now GOTS certified*—which means they are not only organic but they are certified organic. 

Earning this certification takes our already extremely high standards for natural, ethical childrenswear to a whole new level. In addition to organic and OEKO-TEX® certified materials, you can be even more confident that we take safe, non-toxic childrenswear, sustainability, and ethical production very seriously...and the proof is right there in every GOTS certificate!

What is GOTS Certification?

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and since its introduction in 2006, it has set the highest worldwide standard for the processing of organic fibers. This comprehensive standard covers the entire textile chain—from the sustainable, ethical harvesting of organically grown plants through eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing and labeling practices.

GOTS certification is recognized and accepted in all major world markets, so no matter where your organic clothing and accessories were grown and manufactured, you can be sure that all certified products meet the exact same stringent standards.

Isn’t Any Organic Label Good Enough?

When you see the word “organic” or the phrase “made with organic fibers” on a label, that’s a good thing—but it doesn’t necessarily go far enough. Textiles, fabrics, yarns, and clothing can be labeled organic as long as they contain at least 70% natural organic fibers. That just won’t do for GOTS certification, which requires that products contain a minimum of 95% natural organic fibers.

A Truly Clean Standard

The GOTS standard casts a wide net, protecting you and your family in three major areas by giving you:

A safe organic product

  • Organic materials must be clearly labeled and kept separate from conventional fibers all through the production chain so there’s no confusion or contamination.
  • No formaldehyde, GMOs, nanoparticles, toxic heavy metals, chlorine bleach, aromatic solvents, PVCs, phthalates, or dyes that release carcinogens are contained in the finished product or packaging—or were used during the entire manufacture/packaging process. 
  • All dyes, process chemicals, and auxiliaries that are used are biodegradable and not toxic.

A product that protects our planet

Choosing GOTS certified clothing and accessories also helps preserve our wonderful planet by setting guidelines for the way the production process impacts the environment. Procedures and goals must be in place to keep waste and discharges to a minimum, and extensive records must be maintained detailing water consumption, waste disposal, and energy use.

A product that respects humanity

For a product to be GOTS certified, workers at all stages of production must be treated in accordance with the key norms of the International Labour Organization (ILO). These include:

• No forced labor or child labor
• Freedom to organize & bargain collectively
• Safe, clean working environment
• Living wages
• Time off and no excessive hours
• No discrimination

To make sure that all these standards are met, GOTS requires regular residue testing and on-site auditing/inspections, along with appropriate certifications at all levels of the supply chain.


OEKO-TEX® is also a global textile standard, and it lets you know that every component of a garment or other textile product (whether organic or conventional—and including the threads, dyes, and embellishments) is completely free of 100 substances known to be toxic or harmful. We believe in the OEKO-TEX® standard, and everything we offer at The Simple Folk from play clothes to pajamas carries this important certification. 

GOTS introduces a different, yet equally important standard, ensuring that each certified textile product is truly organic, safe for you and the planet, and fair to all the workers involved in producing it.

At The Simple Folk, we’ve decided that our peace of mind is maximized when both of these incredible global standards exist in conjunction...and that’s why we’ve taken such measures to ensure that, wherever possible, our organic items proudly display both certifications.

For Abi and I, it’s imperative that the clothing our children wear supports their health and well-being and that we’re certain each piece was made with love for this beautiful planet and everyone who inhabits it. 

*All of our qualifying GOTS-certified products are labelled as such on the individual product pages.

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